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Top-To-Bottom Care in All Rooms

If you're looking for a maid service in Dallas, Texas, that does not cut corners, our team ensures your home meets a standard that other companies can't surpass. We offer a specific standard of excellence that can be broken down into detailed services we offer in every room of your home. Though you may have taken cleaning your home into your own hands in the past, our professional cleaning staff sees things that are overlooked. These observations and our response make up A Hired Hand Maid Service's 50 Points Of Standard Service. In every room of your home, we do the following:

• Clean Windows Sills, and Mirrors
• Dust Surfaces, Furniture, and Mementos
• Empty Trash and/or Recycling
• General Straightening


• Vacuum and Mop Your Floors
• Remove Fingerprints From All Woodwork, Door Frames, and Switch Plates

Clean Bathroom

Clean and Healthy Kitchens

Watch your kitchen regain the luster that's been buried by filth and clutter over the weeks. You don't have to cook and prepare food over leftover bits that have caked onto your appliances; we'll clean the exteriors and interiors (upon request) of your kitchen devices, including the microwave, refrigerator and oven. Sanitizing surfaces like cabinets, tables, countertops, backsplashes, sinks, and chairs will ensure everyone is safe from harmful bacteria.

Sanitized and Scrubbed Bathrooms

You don't want the filth you've washed away to stay in your bathroom. We'll make sure the grime is scrubbed, disinfected, and rinsed from your tub, sinks, cabinets, and shower tiles. Feel comfortable about sitting on a dirt-free toilet after we disinfect your throne inside and out. Your bathroom will smell fresh and look tidy when we neatly hang and fold your towels. To complete the radiance of your bathroom, we shine and clean all your chrome features to give your sanctuary an added sparkle.

Bedroom and Living Areas

Whether you're preparing a room for guests or want a clean bedroom for yourself, we will make your living spaces feel like home. We vacuum, fluff, and straighten pillows, cushions, and upholstered furniture to draw attention to their features. Your air will be cleaner and easier to breathe in after we dust your ceiling fans. Our team will make your beds look cozy and feel like a place you want to stay in all day after we change your linens (upon request) and make the bed.